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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We have been looking at lots of bands who all seem similar - what makes you different?


Our versatility is our biggest strength. We believe there is no other band in Scotland who have such a varied setlist as well as an integrated professional DJ and first class Ceilidh set. We are fully-live and do not use backing tracks or sequencers, we are professional at all times and very flexible to ensure that our performance meets your requirements. With Celtic Rouge, you do not need to compromise on anything. 

Q. How much do you charge?


Our fee is based on the details of your function - exact timings, venue location, whether you require the DJ service etc. Please give us as much information as possible when you enquire and we’ll respond promptly with a personalised quote.


Q. Where are you based and how far will you travel?


Celtic Rouge are based in Scotland with our musicians all living in different areas.  As such the majority of our bookings are for venues in Scotland typically Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Stirling, Inverness & Aberdeen. However, we're happy to consider requests to travel further afield - please e-mail us for further details. Please be aware that this may incur additional travelling expenses.


Q. Does the band have PAT certificates and public liability insurance?


Of course - and we’ll be happy to provide the necessary documents should your venue require.


Q. What is your line-up


Consisting of 3 multi-instrumentalists and a knockout lead singer, the band line-up will vary to suit each type of song. Our positions consist of: Lead Vocals (female), Keyboards/Accordion/Lead Vocals (Male),  Drums/Percussion with backing vocals and Guitar/Bass guitar with backing vocals.

Q. What happens during your break?


During our break, we will provide a selection of lively background music to entertain your guests. We are also happy for your own iPod to be plugged into our system for this section of the evening. 


Q. Can we choose the setlist?


We have a wealth of experience and as such most clients are happy for us to choose the songs. If there are any songs in our setlist that are particular favourites, let us know and we'll be happy to include them in our performance. 


Q. What will you be wearing?


All band members will be dressed smartly to suit the occasion. If you feel that casual wear would be more appropriate, please just let us know. 


Q. We really want a good ceilidh section - can you provide this?


Celtic Rouge is not just a ‘covers band who play some ceilidh’ - we have a fantastic upbeat and modern ceilidh set complete with caller and an accordion melody to lead the dances. Celtic Rouge actually  began life as a ceilidh band so rest assured, ceilidh music is something we do well.

Q. Do we need to provide anything else for you?


Playing at venues across Scotland often involves lots of driving and very late nights. As such, any refreshments you provide will be gratefully received. Most clients are happy for us to eat from any evening buffet that is served. We really appreciate this! Your venue should also be happy to provide a changing room for us free of charge. 


Q. What happens if one of you is ill?


We have highly experienced and professional stand-ins for all positions in the band. A large group of musicians play and rehearse regularly and are available at short notice. Rest assured, we have never cancelled a performance and the quality of musicianship is never compromised. Most clients would never be able to spot if we have a stand-in musician playing with us.


Q. Do we need to hire a separate DJ?


We have our own integrated and fully professional DJ that can perform after we have finished or between our live sets. This means one sound system and a continuous flow of music throughout the night.

Q. Our venue is quite small - how much space do you need?


Celtic Rouge can perform with or without staging, indoors and outdoors (covered). We can condense into a fairly small space but do need some additional space for our PA Speakers and lighting. In addition, we require at least two 13A sockets to power our PA and Lights safely.


Q. What happens when you arrive?


Given clear access to the stage/performance area, it takes the band around 60 minutes to set up and sound check. Any details you can provide us with regarding parking and unloading will be gratefully received and will help to ensure the set-up process takes place as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to the event. 

Q. How do we book you?

We will e-mail you a contract when you decide to book us. We do not hold any dates ‘provisionally’. Once we receive the completed form and the deposit, the booking is confirmed and the remainder of the fee is due no later than a week before the day of the performance. Please visit the Contact section of our site to get in touch with us regarding a booking.


Q. Will you learn our first dance?


We will happily play any dance of your choosing, provided it suits our instrumentation. Usually 2-3 weeks notice is plenty for us to learn and rehearse the song for you. There is no additional fee for this.





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