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DJ Service

As well as a first class live experience, Celtic Rouge can provide a professional DJ service on request. In only a few minutes, the live band set up is transformed into a high quality DJ set up. A top of the range sound system and elegant lighting are set up in a tidy manner, with the absolute minimum of fuss. 

Service you can rely on


Our vision of a DJ is someone with the musical experience to help you as the hosts to entertain your guests for the evening.  We want you and your guests to enjoy yourselves!

With our disco package, you aren't limited to just the "standard tunes" that get played at every birthday, school disco or social club. Our team can of, course play party tunes, but can also go a good bit further. Our extensive catalogue includes music from many genres including reggae, hip-hop, house music, funk, ska, R&B, classic pop, rock, garage and of course, the current top 40. 

If there are certain songs that you want us to play, we'll play them.  Equally, if there are songs that you dislike, we won't play them.  It's that simple.  


We also offer fully or partly customised set-lists. Simply give us a list of songs you want played a few days before the event and we'll give you a 100% guarantee that they will be played. No matter how obscure or unusual the song - this service ensures you get what you want, every time.

Experienced DJs with the skills that count


A good DJ is far more than someone simply putting on song after song. Good DJs read audience reaction, judge the musical tastes of the guests and respond by playing the type of music which keeps the dance floor packed. This can be a tough skill to learn as it can be difficult to predict how people will react in advance.


Our DJs are experienced in delivering professional sets which keep the party atmosphere going all night long. Celtic Rouge DJ sets are the perfect way of bringing your evening to a close.


Our DJ package can be added to an evening of live music on request. The proportion of the evening in which the DJ service is used is entirely up to you. Whether it be for one hour or two, we are happy to customise your evening according to your needs.

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